Written by Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018 nominee Mavisel Yener, Detectives of the Full Moon series follows the adventures of five friends. Birce, a 12 years old girl from İzmir, is an adventurous bookworm. Birce’s younger sister Ece, an 8 years old prankster, has a quite strong sixth sense. Birce and Ece’s cousin Oğuz, a 10 years old, athletic boy, always gets in trouble. Bilgecan, a joyful, friendly 12 years old girl from Kaş, is bit of a headforemost kind of gal. And Bilgecan’s best friend Ada, who is also a 12 years old girl from Kaş, is a stubborn bookworm. Each kid has a different set of skills and together they are one hell of a detective team. Together, they keep finding themselves in strange situations forcing them to solve mysteries all the while traveling to different parts of Turkey and even Spain.

Consisting of six titles, in every book there is a different mystery that needs to be solved, and here the Detectives of the Full Moon are, in the middle of them all. Who can resist digging into a deliciously intriguing mystery? The Detectives of the Full Moon can’t and neither will you.

Titles in the Series:

Full Moon Detectives 1- Chasing the Traces (136 pp)

Full Moon Detectives 2- Letters of Terror (168 pp)

Full Moon Detectives 3- The Mummy Shop (176 pp)

Full Moon Detectives 4- Terrifying Chess Game (192 pp)

Full Moon Detectives 5- Forest of Dead (160 pp)

Full Moon Detectives 6- Bat Races (192 pp)


Translation: Yasemin Yener

Publisher: Bilgi Publishing, Inc. [Bilgi Yayınevi]

Publication Date: 2012 –  2018

Cover & Illustrations: Murat Sayın

Genre: Detective Fiction

Age: +10

Print Length: 136 – 192 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

ISBN: Multiple ISBN


Elementary School Grade 4

Secondary Grade 1 (Grade 5)

Secondary Grade 2 (Grade 6)

Secondary Grade 3 (Grade 7)

Investigative skills, nourishing curiosity, cultivating imagination, friendship, family, historical consciousness, environmental consciousness, diversity, overcoming prejudices, problem solving skills, Turkey.

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