Baris, completing secondary school’s first grade, in the summer, he can not make a holiday as he wants, but finds himself in the middle of an extraordinarily exciting scientific research. His father, who is a lecturer, gets a “top secret” task from a university in Istanbul and this ends Barıs’ holiday dreams. He goes to Istanbul with his father. Apart from the confidentiality of mysterious research conducted, there is also a fantastic dimension. The laboratory research that push the limits of imagination proves that trees can record the ceonversations around them. If this is true, is it possible to reveal the unknown parts of the history through the people who make conversations next to the trees? Here, Barıs and his father are on the verge of such an interesting event.

Publisher: Bilgi Publishing, Inc. [Bilgi Yayınevi]

Cover & Illustrations: Murat Sayın

Genre: Novel

Print Length: 172 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

Grades: Secondary School Grade 1 (Grade 5), Secondary School Grade 2 (Grade 6), Secondary School Grade 3 (Grade 7)

Solidarity, Technology, Fundamental values ​​of the Republic, Historical Awareness, Scientific curiosity, the War of Independence, Emotions, Independence, Love of the country

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