The primary school student, Birce visits Insuyu Cave when she is on the way to Antalya with her parents and her little sister. Birce and her father get lost in this cave. There, they meet the animals that they have never met before; they question the world and the life, they form interesting opinions and they share their thoughts with the readers. During the Birce’s journey inside the cave, one end opens to the life and the other end opens to her heart, the readers, too, step in a magic world with Birce. At the end of the journey, Birce learns to love her sister and be tolerant to her. The fiction and narration, the careful balance in didactic elements and the natural transitions from reality to the dreams bring out this extraordinary book.

Publisher: Bilgi Publishing, Inc. [Bilgi Yayınevi]

Cover & Illustrations: Murat Sayın

Print Length: 72 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

Grades: Elementary School Grade 2, Grade 3

self-knowledge, to establish empathy, environmental consciousness, feelings, nature and the universe, communication within the family, love of the sister

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