In the Taffy Appleland, children meets the Taleteller Grandpa, who wanders many lands and combines the collected dreams and life experiences to create new tales. In The Taffy Appleland, peculiar to our age, science fiction-like tales take place. Here, purple-bearded The Taleteller Grandpa, sometimes on a winged cloud, sometimes in his invisible car he travels from planet to planet, from dream to dream, fills his tale-chest with wonderful tales and shares them with the children of the Earth and the other planets. The taleteller Grandpa, observes all the human emotions sagely and shows them to the child readers. The Taffy Appleland, offers a real tale feast, with the sagely words which open new horizons in the readers’ mind and provide guidance to their life, and with understanding and tolerant attitudes of the taleteller Grandpa towards contradictory states of a person. Because each tale handles a different feeling, the book provides rich opportunities for the pedagogues who work on emotions.

Publisher: Bilgi Publishing, Inc. [Bilgi Yayınevi]

Publication Date: May 2020

Cover & Illustrations: Bahar Ünlüer

Genre: Tale

Age: +9

Print Length: 96 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

Grades: Elementary School, Grade 2, Grade 3

Communication, justice, prejudices, our feelings, our values

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