There are four stories in the book: Zeki’s Zeka Flew Away From Home ,The Thousand Answers to the One Question, Night Stay, At Home Everything is Alive. Zeki is in the elementary school, he gives the name Zeka (means intelligence) to his bird because the bird even knows the multiplication tables by heart. This intelligent bird flew away from home and the adventure begins. One Question Thousand Answers is the story of a child who lives many funny incidents while doing his Maths homework. Night Stay tells about little Naz who wants to stay at night with her friend’s home and she makes some mischief to get permission from her mother, which gives the readers food for thought.

In Our Home Everything is Alive tells about the Gorgeous George’s comic story -who claims to be a plumber !,and gives an answer to the question “Who knows better?” at the same time. The intelligent bird, Zeka, visits every story and prepares little surprises for the children.

Publisher: Bilgi Publishing, Inc. [Bilgi Yayınevi]

Cover & Illustrations: Murat Sayın

Genre: Humor-Story

Print Length: 72 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

Grades: Elementary School, Grade 2, Grade 3

Mathematics, Homework, Friendship, Using the mind, Concepts and Associations, Honesty, Love of animals, Winning fairly

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