By Mavisel Yener

If I didn’t write:

   I couldn’t have fun, play games and be happy,

     I couldn’t meet with the characters in my novels and stories,

       I couldn’t speak with trees and flowers, jump around with crickets,

         I couldn’t wake up fish, buzz with bees, and count the colors on the butterflies’ wings,

           I couldn’t chat with rabbits, have coffee with dinosaurs, be friends with crows,

             I couldn’t learn things that I’m curious about,

               I couldn’t explore,

                 I couldn’t understand the depths of life,

                   I couldn’t come together with the children of the world,

                     I couldn’t be silly and escape the dullness of life,

                       I couldn’t play hide and seek with my muses,

                         I couldn’t see in the dark,

                           I couldn’t have thousands of voices,

                             I couldn’t be a part of the solution,

                               I couldn’t learn that reading is even more fun than writing,

                                 I couldn’t have the freedom that separates me from others,

                                   I couldn’t present children’s problems to the world in a whimsical tone,

                                     I couldn’t invite my readers to a wonderful, magical world,

                                       I couldn’t transform, grow and live fulfilling life thanks to my readers,

                                         And I would wonder what I could have written for children of the world every day.

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