“Stirring my curly red hair” Yeees! “I shouted.Has my mother ever kept quiet! She opens her eyes wide and replied to me “Nooooo! Mimi”! Ah! I don’t know the reason why mum gets cross with me. I am so sad .I think mum doesn’t love me anymore…”

From our children and youth literature’s many award-winning author, Mavisel Yener , about the mother-child relationship,a life-like, warm picture book: I Love Tales Very Much . Decorated with Esra Ilter Demirbilek’s eye-catching pictures, this colorful story, takes her little readers to a peaceful journey starting from Mimi’s eye pupils towards her mother’s heart…So, giving your mum a big hug , why are you waiting to ask her to read your favourite tale to you?

Publisher: Uçanbalık Publishing, Inc. [Uçanbalık Yayınevi]

Publication Date: Nov 2015

Cover & Illustrations: Esra İlter Demirbilek

Genre: Story

Print Length: 16 pages

Format: Paperback | 21 x 21 cm

Grades: Pre-school, Elementary Grade1

Love of Mother, Love of Books, Empathy, Family, Happiness, Emotions

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