Regardless of cultural, social, lingual and other barriers, children are the citizens of the world. I want to overcome the prejudice held against my country through the representation of children and culture in my books. Thus, I will continue my writing journey with courage, passion, and determination.


My lifelong dream is to remove obstacles for children so that every child can enjoy reading regardless of drawbacks they are experiencing. Therefore, I will continue to write books for children with reading difficulties and dyslexia; I will keep on producing materials for and work with children who cannot see.


I believe that literature has a healing effect; it heals souls and, even at times, it heals physical health. Thus, I will continue doing workshops and book readings at the children’s oncology wings of the hospitals all over Turkey.


In my country there are many children who are born in prisons and haven’t seen the world outside of those walls. They deserve to be free. I aim to reach out to those children and enrich their otherwise confined worlds with books.


I wish to nourish the imaginative worlds of children who had to leave their homes, were displaced, and forced to seek refuge in other countries. I will continue developing fun workshops for them.


In the future, I want to continue traveling the world, enriching my library and my imagination. And, I want to keep on laughing, thinking, and getting into mischief with my readers.

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