Mavisel Yener, Nilay Yilmaz, Aytül Akal
State Theatre Repertoire (Istanbul State Theatre 2011-2012 season)

The man with the red umbrella starts to carry the red umbrella every day that he finds in the street so that the owner sees and recognizes it. However, people interpret this in different ways; conspiracy scenarios are produced. Some people claim that he comes from a space station, others claim that he is an agent. On the other hand, the real owner of the umbrella is a wizard who believes that he can’t do magic without the umbrella…

PURPLE NIGHT BLUE DAY (Nonverbal Children's Play)

Mavisel Yener, Nilay Yilmaz, Aytül Akal
State Theatre Repertoire (Ankara State Theatre 2006-2007 season)

While writing the play, we wanted to embrace all the world’s children. Hearing impaired children can’t go to the theater and we wanted to write a play that they are able to watch. We wish to remove the existing limits. Therefore, we chose a common language to all individuals, body language. Literature, theater, dance, and music, we wanted all these arts to unite. While we were transferring all our experiences in the children’s literature to our play, it was important for us to make them think rather than being didactic. We wanted to use art’s competence to describe all the relations of life itself, by recognizing oneself and the others. Watching characters on stage, it is important to establish the child audience’s identification with them. While watching this play based on the motion, we wanted the little children not to lose their concentration and share things with those on the stage and in the hall. We wrote this play about the inner journey of an individual, with children and we played with them.

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