Under “Creative Reading and Writing Project” written I Released Poems to the Sky, “adorned with the blue”, offers its readers an extraordinary poetic experience. The poems, flowing from Mavisel Yener’s sincere pen, meet Deniz Üçbaşaran’s the original drawings and transform into a delightful poem game. I Released Poems to the Sky, is a work of art, different from all the usual books of poetry. This book invites the children to go beyond usual reading experience; make sense of what they read, discuss, use their imagination and develop their creativity. Another surprise, that Mavisel Yener made, is hidden in the creative reading files at the end of the poems. Using these files, once they taste keeping what they write for the future, readers will never give up …

Publisher: Uçanbalık Publishing, Inc. [Uçanbalık Yayınevi]

Cover & Illustrations: Deniz Üçbaşaran

Genre: Creative Writing

Age: +8

Print Length: 88 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

Grades: Elementary Grade 2, Elementary Grade 3, Elementary Grade 4

Creativity, Love of Nature and Human, Poetry Event

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