The Clowning School

by Irem HALIÇ

Aydınlık Newspaper Literary Supplement

June 7, 2013

“Are you bored to death in Mr. Smith’s math class, Mrs. Anderson’s literature class? Then come to the Clowning School!”


Dear reader, who is possibly a student, are you board to death surrounded in stone walls, on wooden chairs, among books and notebooks, in Mr. Smith’s math class, Mrs. Anderson’s literature class? Then come to the Clowning School!


Mavisel Yener, who never loses her childlike joy that compete with her little readers, tells the adventures of a little, grumpy clown student in a school where clowns are educated in her The Clowning School series. But you get to write the ending of each book.


You get to choose how Pinpin will extricate himself from the trouble his is in, how he will gain his friend’s forgiveness for breaking his heart, how he will respond to his teacher’s warnings. In a way, you get to be Pinpin. So, maybe it isn’t too late to become a clown.



In a story that stars as “There was once or maybe twice upon a time. And in that time when it was at its prime, those who read this book all passed their classes just fine. But after reading this line, what Pinpin did would you say, dearest of mine?” even the misfortunes that befall on Pinpin are funny. What is the worst that can happen to you in a colorful, lively school?


In this school, the teachers’ names are Mr. Woodlegs and Ms. Butterscotch. The students go to school with backpacks full of Clowning History books, wigs, false noses, pinecones and bowties. Would you like me to tell you the names of their classes? Face Painting, Trickery, Costume Class, Clowning History, Circus Sciences, Dancing, Hula Hopping and Juggling Class, Candy and Paste Making. What do you think? Consider this, your parents and your older siblings help you with your homework, solve math questions, and write poems. Well, how is Pinpin’s granny going to help her dear grandson? Is she going to practice walking with clown shoes? If I were to have such fun classes, I wouldn’t ask for my granny’s help, you can say!


These beautiful stories become even cuter and brighter with Ayda Kandar Ataman’s huge watercolor illustrations. As you read, you will wish you were a clown! Following are the books in this series: Who Would Do My Homework; The Lion inthe Class; The Treasure in the Bag; Conflict in Class; I Forgot Teacher.


I wish you all a fun reading.

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