The Mad Class

by Çiğdem GÜNDEŞ

Cumhuriyet Newspaper Literary Supplement

December 10, 2016

We are invited to the skillful Mavisel Yener’s immense ocean of dreams, and we read this book. Pirate Team, the first book of the Mad Class Series that consists of five books, opens the door of literature’s magical realm. With the fantasy fiction of the productive, award winning Turkish children’s literature author Mavisel Yener, Pirate Team meets with the readers. In addition to author’s mastery of the language and mellifluous writing skills, her humorous style is also remarkable. Children who both enjoy adventures and researching will have fun reading this book. Do you wonder who draw the first world map? The mystery of the world map which is very close to the reality drawn by the famous Turkish sailor Piri Reis in 1528 onto gazelle skin is revealed in this book. Would you like to be one of the Mad Class students who go travel in time and meet Piri Reis? Children love reading Mad Class Series. There is always more to things than it meets the eyes. The “real story” is written by those who are not mentioned in history books! The readers have sent countless letters to the author, asking her to continue the series.

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