The Mad Class


Sol Newspaper Literary Supplement

April 23, 2014

I had so much fun and laughed a lot while reading Mavisel Yener’s The Mad Class. The series consist of four books[1]. The first book of the series is Pirate Team. Members of the team are Daniel, Mary, River, Luke, Ashton and Michaela. We travel through time with Piri Reis in this book. And we learn how he drew his maps.


Second book is The Town That Went Mad. In this book, we meet with the “Zombie Team”. The team visits Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Captain of the team, Arya, witnesses two thieves take a tablet from the museum and replace it with a replica. Even though she tells this to the museum director, he doesn’t believe her. Weird events unfold as she tracks the thieves and the history.


The Dinosaur Team is the third book of the series. In this book we learn that crime doesn’t pay off and frauds end badly. Two men that claim that they have a fossil of a bird and dinosaur hybrid, and members of the Dinosaur Team that chase these men. It is a breathtaking adventure.


The last book of the series is The Mysteries Team. Team members are Meriç, Ozan, Kuzey and Gül. The Mysteries Team had heard of Laproşka Show that will be held at the Mount Nemrut. And they persuade their teacher to see the show. But they aren’t aware of the surprise that awaits them at the show. And the adults will never believe what they went through. An exciting journey awaits you with Teacher Claire Sapphire, Vice-Principal Blair Eerie, janitor Buck Toothed and the Mad Class.


[1]In 2015, Mavisel Yener published the fifth and final book in the series.

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