Where Is my Song?

by Yunus Bekir YURDAKUL

IZ Newspaper

January 21, 2021

Mavisel Yener who knocks on our doors and  guest stars in our reading journeys with her stories, poems, tales, plays as well as her series such as Detectives of the Full Moon, The Mad Class, Atatürk, Adventures of Pear-Head Family, First Step to Arts, and Adventures of Naughty Pawgreets us with Where Is my Song?, first book in a new picture book series.


In the first book of Where Isseries, as Yener tells the journey of the note A in its quest to find its song, she raises awareness in terms of arts, sports, human relations as well as introducing the readers to common sense and joy.  As she implies, “Perhaps we are all musical notes in our life’s symphony,” between the lines, she reminds us to follow our own notes/ tunes and inwardly sense it.


The basic expression of joy of living is “the song inside us” approach resonates in the lines.


On the other hand, Where Is my Song?makes us think that reading is fun, and loving is touching each other’s lives. Moreover, it whispers in our ears that we shouldn’t foster prejudices and our differences are our richness.


We should never forget that our songs are unique to us, and they are just around the corner!..


And what about Berk Öztürk’s illustrations, you ask? Simply wonderful…

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