A blue helium balloon takes off from Aegean region and sets out to travel our beautiful country.

It floats over Mount Ida’s olive groves, Göbeklitepe, Ihlara Valley…

From seven regions of Türkiye, seven children’s stories join the blue balloon’s journey…

Mavisel Yener, who has gotten together with children all around Türkiye, invites her readers to a gripping journey. Through seven stories in the book, you can both meet with children living in different regions of Türkiye as well as discover things inherent to these regions.

At the end of each story that echoes the cultures, geographical beauties, and historical richness of the seven regions and colorfully illustrated by Bige Doğu, there is a map of the region the story takes place. At the end of the book, these maps merge and become a map of Türkiye the curious readers can study in detail with delight.

The activity booklet, that can be accessed via the QR Code at the back of the book, awaits the readers who want to reinforce what they have read.

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz

Cover & Illustrations: Bige Doğu

Genre: Novel

Age: +8

Print Length: 96 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,3 x 21 cm

Grades: Second, Third and Fourth grades | Ages 8 and up

Individual and Society, My Beautiful Country Türkiye, Animals, Nature, Environmental Awareness, Geography, Archeology, Cultural Features

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