A call to creative thinking by the award winning, beloved author Mavisel Yener…

Asaf decides to put the things he has learned from documentaries into practice in his daily life. He has learned that anything that is consumed really, really, really unnecessarily is destroying our planet. When he realizes that he can begin from his own home to do something good for the Earth, he observes his family’s daily life. He decides to try to change his older sister’s consumption habits. Thus begins the humorous and creative eco-friendly ideas contest of the siblings.

Publisher: Redhouse Kidz Publishing, Inc.

Cover & Illustrations: Öykü Akarca

Genre: Novel

Age: +8

Print Length: 64 pages

Format: Paperback | 13,5 x 21 cm

Grades: Primary School Grade 2, Primary School Grade 3, Primary School Grade 4,

  • Motivating to read books and write stories by evoking aesthetic feelings 

  • Improving imagination, thinking and expression skills 

  • Environmental consciousness 

  • Gaining an understanding of climate change 

  • Rethinking the family and siblinghood concepts

  • Solving anagrams

  • Creative thinking and brainstorming

  • Inventions and inventors

*Motivating to read books and write stories by evoking aesthetic feelings

*Improving imagination, thinking and expression skills

*Environmental consciousness

*Gaining an understanding of climate change

*Rethinking the family and siblinghood concepts

*Solving anagrams

*Creative thinking and brainstorming

*Inventions and inventors

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